Wordsworth Poetry Competition

facebook-school-logo2Congratulations to Rosie Simmons, whose poem was shortlisted for the Wordsworth Poetry Competition.  Rosie’s poem was ‘Highly Commended’ by the Wordsworth family.  A great achievement!


Here’s the poem:

A Walk On The Wild Side


The brink of dawn reveals never seen before sights

Giving ability to see beauty way up in the heights

No eyes have yet seen the rich oak in its prime

A fresh look of adolescence though aged beyond time

No one to control it, tame it, or own it

The oak stays true to itself you’ll feel it if you stay quiet and sit


Just as the oak, the wild rose is beautifully untamed

With the protection of thorns the rose stands tall and framed

With droplets of dew impersonating still glass

Colours of red, white, and pink break apart from the green grass

The rose remains upright during the harsh British rain

Defends its life causing those who try to take it a prickle of pain


Though these two are beautiful, wild nature is not pure

It conspires against you drawing you in with unusual allure

Hemlock wears wild chervil’s face though which may be clever

Commonly known as cow parsley its identity stolen forever

It poisons fools who taste its deadly white flowers’ blend

Socrates its most famous prey fell victim to this unfortunate end