Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Miss J A Kennedy         Headteacher

Mr K McNicholas        Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of RE

Mr G Hughes               Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of History

Mr J Kinsella                Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Maths

Mr K McNicholas        Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of RE

Mrs J Welsh                 PA to Headteacher / Senior Admin Officer

Mrs S Worsley             Business Manager


Teaching Staff

Mrs C Abernethy         Pupil Support, Learning SENCO

Mr P Andrews             Head of Design and Technology

Mr J Anson                  Head of Science

Mrs W Armstrong       Teacher of English

Mr C Baines                 Teacher of Science

Mr M Balog                 Teacher of RE, PPC Year 11

Miss K Basso              Director of Maths

Mrs A Bell                   Head of PE

Madame L Boulard     Teacher of MFL

Mrs A Brook                Teacher of RE, Student Support, Advice and Guidance

Mrs G Davies               Head of Art

Mrs A Denyer              Teacher of Art

Mrs A Fillingham          Director of English

Mrs J Fowler                Teacher of Food Technology

Miss E Fye                   Teacher of Science

Mr R Gabuguga           Teacher of RE, PPC Year 8

Mr S Graham              Head of History

Mr M Hamilton           Head of Geography

Mrs V Hetherington    Head of Music

Mrs J Holgate              Teacher of PE and Art

Mr P Hornak                Head of RE

Ms S Horner                Teacher of MFL

Mrs J Hughes               Teacher of Maths, PPC Year 10

Mrs V Hughes              Teacher of Maths, PPC Year 10

Mrs P Jackson              Head of Business Studies

Mrs J Kurzyk                Teacher of Maths

Mrs W Lightfoot          Head of MFL

Mrs M McNicholas      Head of Drama, Teacher of English, PPC Year 7

Mrs R Petrie                Teacher of Science

Mr M Pickavance        Teacher of Maths (2nd in Department)

Mr P Rayson                Teacher of Science

Mr A Redhead             Teacher of PE

Miss R Rodney             Teacher of Science

Mrs K Sheckley            Teacher of English

Mr J Thorp                   Teacher of History and Geography

Mr G Wales                 Teacher of Design and Technology

Mrs R Ward                 Teacher of Maths and RE

Mrs G Ward                Teacher of English (2nd in Department)

Mrs L Whelan              Head of English

Mrs W Williams          Teacher of Geography

Mr M Yeomans           Head of ICT


Support Staff

Mrs D Armstrong        Cleaning Operative

Mr I Armstrong           Assistant Site Manager

Mrs A Atkinson            Administrative Assistant

Ms N Bales                  Kitchen Assistant

Mrs J Bater                  Learning Support

Mrs D Belford             Learning Support

Mrs D Benzi                 Personal Advisor – Children’s Services

Mrs K Bragg                Learning Support

Mr R Carr                    Learning Mentor

Miss J Davidson           Family Support Worker

Mrs C Dawson             Learning Support

Mrs K Dixon                 Kitchen Assistant

Mrs M Donnan            Cleaning Operative

Mrs L Doran                Kitchen Assistant

Mr M Edgar                 Cover Supervisor

Mrs J Ellwood              Food Technology Technician

Ms S Field                    Peripatetic Music Teacher

Mrs P Fisher                Kitchen Assistant

Mrs G Fletcher            Administrative Assistant

Mrs D Friel                  Cleaning Operative

Mr D Harris                 Lay Chaplain

Mrs F Hewitt               Catering Supervisor

Mrs L Hilland               Office Supervisor / Exams Officer / Community Admin

Mrs E Hogan               Cleaning Operative / Mid-day supervisor

Mrs S Holborow          Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs A Hornakova        HLTA Maths

Mrs S Houghton          Finance Officer

Mr B Jackson               Cover Supervisor

Mrs C Jago                   Cook

Mrs J Jennings             Kitchen Assistant

Miss C Keevil               HLTA

Mr A Kelly                   Peripatetic Music Teacher

Miss H Kinrade            Behaviour Intervention

Miss T Langley             Librarian

Mrs K Lomas               Science Technician

Mrs M Lowery             Learning Support Assistant

Mr P Malkinson           Site Manager

Mr S McKinnon           IT Technician

Mrs K McNicholl         Science Technician

Ms F Miller                  Kitchen Assistant

Mrs A Mitchell            Learning Support

M/s Haley Murray      Kitchen Assistant

Ms C Mulgrew            Teaching / Support Assistant

Mrs S Mullen               Attendance Officer

Ms H Murray               Kitchen Assistant

Miss C O’Hagan          Cover Supervisor / HLTA English

Mrs G Pattinson          Administrative Assistant

Mrs L Peters                Cleaning Operative

Mrs S Ramsden           Cleaning Operative

Mrs P Reynolds           Administrative Assistant

Mrs K Ridley                Kitchen Assistant

Mrs C Sessford            D&T Teaching Assistant / Technician

Mrs D Shillito              Learning Support Assistant

Mr G Shilton                Senior Site Manager

Ms A Slattery               Kitchen Assistant

Mrs V Smart                HLTA / STA

Mrs S Spedding           Catering Manager

Ms P Spencer              Science Technician

Mrs J Stephenson        HLTA Maths

Ms V Stewart               HLTA English

Ms S Stockdale            Learning Support

Mr D Swain                  Network Manager

Mrs H Talbot               Cleaning Operative

Mrs K Waller               Cover Supervisor

Mrs M White               Learning Support Assistant / Teacher (Child Care)

Ms V Wilson                Mid-day Supervisor

Mr D Wise                   Sports Development Officer

Mrs A Wood                Mid-day Supervisor


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