Rotary Technology Tournament

rotary-logo “On Friday 17th March eight Y9 students attended the Rotary Technology Tournament at Hunday Manor. They sorted themselves into two teams, each competing against the other and KS3 students from several other local schools.


Their challenge was to consider the industrial task of using a ‘mole’ to inspect and clear pipelines in situ. Next they had to design and create their own mole to clear some debris from a test pipeline without being able to physically touch the mole itself during the operation.
Both teams chose to use string to operate the ‘sweeper’ and an electric motor to power the wheels. This involved good teamwork, broad-based knowledge, technical skills and also creative thinking as the equipment provided was limited and basic. As the required skills were so varied they were judged and marked on several different criteria to reflect this.
One team consisted of Erin Bell, Hannah Clifton, Carys Miller and Emmy Winthrop, whose mole didn’t quite achieve the task, but they produced a strong portfolio. The other team consisted of Emily Carruthers, Nathan Rae, Callum Robinson and Jack Smith, whose mole successfully completed the task and earned them Runner-Up position in KS3!
Congratulations to all of the students – both teams worked well, enjoying the challenge, and showed strengths in different areas. Miss Sessford”
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