Y6 Transition

Welcome to St Joseph’s School from our Transition team of Mr Hughes (Assistant Head teacher), Mrs McNicholas (Pupil Progress Coordinator) and Mrs Abernethy (Senco).

Transition is the name we give to supporting pupils in the move from Year 6 in to their new school of St Joseph’s when you start with us as Year 7 pupils.  There are lots of things that we do to help pupils move from their primary school to St. Joseph’s, all with the aim of making it as easy as possible.  The process actually starts when you are in Year 5 at primary school…or even earlier.

Year 5

Firstly we hope that every primary school pupil will have the opportunity to visit St Joseph’s in the summer term, or even before this.  We run several different events that allow Year 5 pupils the chance to come in to St Joseph’s School and visit it for themselves and meet our teachers.

Mr Dickinson, our Sports Coordinator, regularly organises sports camps at evenings, weekends or during school holidays.  Here all pupils, not just those in Year 5, have the chance to try new sports, keep fit, and hopefully meet some friends from other local schools.  Also for pupils in Year 5 Mrs Ward invites primary schools to activities based around Financial Capabilities, with the chance to learn new skills and apply them.

Easter School, open to Year 5 pupils, where you can come to St Joseph’s to solve a murder mystery!  A great way to get involved in a thrilling four day “who did it” whilst trying new lessons and using your detective skills, the Easter Murder Mystery was a great success in 2014.

In the Summer term Mrs McNicholas leads a dedicated team of our teachers who deliver our Year 5 Primary Days.  Each local primary school is invited to attend, and we have a programme of activities that encourage collaboration, team work and enterprise capabilities.  You will have the chance to try lessons, activities and even our fantastic food in “the Retreat” ran by Mrs Spedding.  The days are a great way to get to know the school and meet your new teachers, whilst also having some good fun!

Year 6
In September we have our Open Evening where you can see our curriculum in action.  Pupils and parents are invited to attend an evening again to meet the whole staff, see each subject area of our school and also to meet many of our students who lead the day.  It is a very friendly evening, with plenty of staff available to answer questions and discuss our fantastic school.

After this evening parents and pupils apply via Cumbria County Council for their place at Secondary School- and we hope that from visiting our school and meeting our teachers and pupils that this school will be St Joseph’s.

Once you have a place at St Joseph’s School several things begin to happen.  Firstly our Transition team will contact your primary schools so that we can learn a little about you before you start school at St. Joseph’s.  We also ask that each pupil does a short assessment to judge their English and Maths so that we place them in the right set for their ability.  We will write to you to invite you to our Year 6 Induction Day and Evening.  Here all of our new Year 7 pupils will visit St joseph’s School for a day to meet Mrs McNicholas, their new PPC, new tutor groups, class mates and new teachers, whilst also begin to understand what we expect from our pupils every day.   In the evening pupils and parents/guardians are invited to attend an evening which shares some important information and allows form tutors to be met by parents and guardians.

Summer of Year 6

In the summer before you start at St Joseph’s School we run a Summer School.  Here there are two weeks of learning (focused on English and maths, but with other subjects as well) and activities (sports and trips).  The highlight is a two day residential where pupils can participate in ghyll scrambling and high ropes.  It is a great two weeks, and a great way to get to know your new classmates and make new friends.

Year 7
Finally the big day will arrive in September.  We still look after you then though, with Year 7 pupils having the morning in school together.  This will give you some quality time with your new friends and form tutor, as well as knowing where to go to your lesson!  Teachers and form tutors will make regular contact with parents and guardians at home should we need to, and we also hold a progress evening early in October to ensure that you have settled well in to your new school.

We hope that this has helped you to understand a little about how we help you move from your primary school to St. Joseph’s school.  As you can see there is a lot that we do and I have every confidence that you will be happy at St Joseph’s School.