Mock General Election


On Friday 24th April, the candidates from the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and UKIP parties, will be in school speaking to Years 11, 10, 9 and 8 about what their Party stands for.

After they have spoken, all pupils will be able to cast their vote.


This is part of our Citizenship programme and specifically the responsibility schools have to ensure that all pupils gain a sound knowledge and understanding of how the United Kingdom is governed, its political system and how citizens participate actively in its democratic systems of government.

Promoting British Values

St Joseph’s School is proud of the work we do in ‘Promoting British Values’ – Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance.
As part of this work, in the run up to Easter all year groups were involved in a series of assemblies where the students were asked to reflect on the question ‘Are you prepared for life in modern Britain?’
The following PowerPoint Slide Show was used during the assemblies – please take the time to have a look, and if you have any views or questions, please contact Mr. Kinsella at the school.

Prize Evening Guest Speaker Announced

We welcome back Nick Toner (Alumnus), currently studying at Oxford University where he is reading History and Politics.

Nick was an outstanding, high achieving pupil with all the admirable personal qualities we promote in St Joseph’s.


Our Prize Evening will take place on Thursday 2nd July 2015.

Further information will follow.

Thank you from CAFOD

cafodThis was money raised by all those who took part in the Sponsored Creative Writing in English and those who joined in the ‘Rich man, poor man’ meal and raffle as well as money from CAFOD boxes and Fairtrade Coffee Morning. Well done!

Kindle Fire HD Winner

Kindle Winner

Congratulations to Jennifer Lee in Year 7 who won the Kindle HD Fire competition for submitting a ‘book -selfie’ and review of her favourite book Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.

Drama Trip

On Wednesday 25th March the Year 10 and 11 Drama students from St Joseph’s went to Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake to see ‘Two’ by Jim Cartwright.

The show was about relationships hence the name ‘Two’. It was about the ups and downs in relationships but the show mostly consisted of the downs of relationships.

It was Extraordinary! Continue reading

Easter Sport Camp


Over 200 youngsters attended our Easter sports camp which offered a variety of activities from multi skills, football, dance and Archery . The sun shone all of the second week which meant that all the activities could take place outside. The Climbing Wall had to be cancelled in the first week due to the high winds. Read more…

Year 11 Rugby League County Cup Final

Unfortunately we were beaten 32-22 by St Benedict’s in the County Cup Final on Wednesday night. (25/03/15).

It was a fantastic game of rugby which thoroughly entertained the sell out crowd.  We started off the game by conceding two early tries making the score 12-0 after 5 minutes. However we hit back with a try in the corner by Connor Walker making it 12-6. Unfortunately St Benedicts scored again 5 minutes later taking the score to 18- 6.

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Anselm Kiefer Art Workshop

After school on Thursday we took part in an Art workshop led by Mark Gibbs from Tullie House. We started by looking at various pieces of art by German Artist Anselm Kiefer. We looked at the themes and techniques he used. We were then set to make our own pieces based on Anselm Kiefer’s style. We used different materials including: oil pastels, paint, and newspapers and magazines. To create final pieces there was lots of experimenting with different methods and ripping up newspapers.

To finish, all the work was placed out to see. Some work kept with Anselm Kiefer’s quite sombre colour schemes but others went in the opposite direction and were bright and bold. All in all, the workshop was fun and inspirational.

By Emily Connell

Congratulations Luke!

Well done to everyone who attended the Comic, Manga and Illustration Workshop on World Book Day. Luke Byrne in year 10 won a Kindle Fire HD for producing an outstanding comic.

Our continuing progress in creating financially capable young people

St Joseph’s has been working with pfeg (the Personal Finance Education Group) to become a Centre of Excellence in Financial Education. As a Business and Enterprise College we believe that alongside developing enterprise capability we need to develop financial capability, as this is all part of enabling our students to become independent and confident young people.

A whole range of financial decisions are awaiting our students as they enter adult life – whether it is understanding their first payslip, opening a bank or savings account or managing household bills for the first time. They are going to need the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage money well.

That is why we are so pleased to be taking steps towards becoming a pfeg Centre of Excellence in Financial Education. We look forward to seeing the difference this will make to our students.